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Welcome to Paris Boulogne


You are kindly invited to discover Boulogne, the largest city in the Ile-de-France after Paris, located just on the outskirts of the capital.

A city rich in cultural treasures, for example the world  biggest image museum, about all countries in the world: the Albert Kahn Museum and its gardens, all different; a beautiful museum which houses works from the 1930s; homes or buildings designed by leading architects of their time - Le Corbusier, Mallet Stevens, Auguste Perret, Fisher... - but also contemporary architecture; a city with many different gardens, all in a city dating back over six centuries, which still bears witness to the life of times gone by.

It will be our pleasure to share with you the everyday life of our city - its markets, shopping centre, bistros…

During this walk, the "greeters", all inhabitants of Boulogne, who have a real love of this wonderful city, will be delighted to share with you the charm of unusual places and recount the anecdotes of big and small town-life.

This visit which is our pleasure to share with you, in one of the city’s neighbourhoods, will reflect your tastes and interests. Furthermore, it will be, of course, at your own pace.




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